Canterbury City Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Project name

CCC Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)


Canterbury City Council district, Kent – including, Seasalter, Whitstable, Swalecliff, Herne Bay, Reculver and Canterbury


Canterbury City Council (CCC)

Description of development

Canterbury City Council is responsible for a number of coastal towns on the North Kent coastal, most of which are at risk from coastal and fluvial flooding. Herrington Consulting were commissioned to undertake a detailed SFRA to examine the impacts of a number of breach events and wave overtopping events along the various defended and un-defended coastal frontages.


There are a number of coastal towns located along the North Kent coast within the CCC district boundary. Each of these frontages required a numerical model to be constructed in order to quantify the risk of flooding, both presently and taking into account the future impacts of climate change. In addition, a detailed model of the River Stour was also constructed to quantify the risk of flooding to the city of Canterbury. A number of scenarios were tested and a series of breach and wave overtopping conditions applied.


Suite of wave overtopping models used, 2D hydrodynamic TUFLOW model used to determine flood depth, velocity, flow paths and hazard rating.


The detailed outputs comprised two separate combined hazard maps, one for the current day and one including an allowance for the impacts of climate change. The various maps and accompanying report have been vital in enabling the Council's planning team to apply the Sequential Test within the areas of the district that are at risk of flooding and to enable clear decisions to be made. The results of the detailed modelling have also been used to aid the Environment Agency when reviewing Flood Risk Assessments within the council boundary.