Coastal Erosion Mapping

Project name

Coastal Change Management Area Mapping


Dover, Kent


Dover District Council (DDC)

Description of Project

Detailed GIS maps delineating the area along DDC coastline that is prone to coastal change.


The chalk cliffs of the Dover coastline have historically been subject to episodical erosion, which has resulted in an ever changing coastline. DDC planners were keen to identify the extent of this change, now and in the future to ensure that future development plans were adequately informed. Guided by PPS25 Supplement– Development & Coastal Change (2010), a study was undertaken to delineate potential change of the cliff line over the next 100 years.


Herrington Consulting provided DDC with detailed GIS maps that the Planning Officers can use to determine whether a site that is located within the Coastal Change Management Area is at risk of coastal erosion within the next 100 years.