Flood Comparison Models - Impact of New Development on the Surrounding area

Project name

Land at Banks


Banks, Southport, Lancashire


Private Developer/Landowner

Description of development

The objective of the proposed scheme was to establish a new village centre and associated facilities, all of which are currently inadequately provided for in Banks at this time. The developer envisaged a Phased approach, with Phase 1 being the redevelopment of the land currently occupied by the disused school building to provide all market housing and affordable housing. Phases 2 and 3 would be a mix of new housing, retail and light commercial units with some recreational areas.


The site is located in Flood Zones 2 and 3 as shown on the Environment Agency flood maps. Additionally, the village currently suffers from flooding from a foul sewer during heavy rainfall when the surface water drainage infrastructure becomes overwhelmed.


Detailed numerical modelling was initially undertaken to derive key parameters for the Flood Risk Assessment during the first phase. In addition, a flood comparison model was required to be undertaken to determine the impact that land raising would have on the surrounding area. Based upon the results of the ‘difference modelling’ (the difference between the flood model before the development and the flood model after the development) the FRA concluded that raising the land in the Phase 2 area of the site would not have an adverse impact on flood risk to existing development within the flood compartment.


Currently Unknown – Application for consideration within LDF