Coast Protection Scheme Appraisal& Coastal Process Study

Project name

Littlestone Coast Protection Scheme


Littlestone, Kent


Environment Agency (EA)

Description of Project

Herrington Consulting were commissioned to undertake a detailed appraisal of the coastal process acting along the Littlestone frontage and to comment on the effectiveness of the recent coast protection scheme.


Following the construction of the Littlestone Coast Protection Scheme (CPS); which consisted of engineering works to replace the old seawall, the installation of a new rock groyne and shingle beach replenishment – Herrington Consulting were commissioned to undertake a coastal process study report to ascertain the movement of material along the Littlestone frontage. In addition, the EA wanted to appraise the works that had been built, as there were concerns over the new defences effectiveness in providing a coast protection function.


The detailed report used a wealth of historic and contemporary data to quantify the volume of material that was transported along the frontage and define the mechanisms that were responsible for this movement. The report concluded that despite the CPS providing an improved standard of protection, the scheme as a whole was not delivering the results that the client had expected. Consequently, the report recommended a number of engineering solutions to rectify the problem.