Project Appraisal Report (PAR) #1

Project name

Margate Flood and Coast Protection Scheme


Margate, Kent


Thanet District Council

Description of Project

Following on from the successful submission of the Project Appraisal Report (PAR), which resulted £6.2M of Capital Grant Aid funding being awarded to TDC, Herrington Consulting were again commissioned by TDC, this time to undertake the detailed wave modelling of Margate Harbour to inform the detailed design stage of the Margate FCPS.


A large number of wave models; testing a series of wave and water level combinations for a range of extreme events with different return periods, were run to identify the design conditions along the Margate frontage, for the current day scenario and taking the impacts of climate change in to account. The results included recommendations for a stepped concrete revetment, and the results of the numerical modelling were subsequently tested using a physical wave model.

Numerical Modelling

Nearshore wave climate analysis within the harbour undertaken using Boussinesq modelling, suite of wave overtopping models used, 2D hydrodynamic TUFLOW model used to determine flow paths and new flood gate design.


The numerical modelling undertaken by Herrington Consulting correlated extremely well with the results of the physical model. Consequently, the detailed modelling aided the detailed design of both the stepped revetment and the flood gates along the frontage. The construction works are currently underway and programmed to be completed by 2012, ensuring the protection of Margate from a storm event with a 1 in 200 year return period, including for the impacts of climate change in to the future.