Project Appraisal Report (PAR) #1

Project name

Margate Flood and Coast Protection Scheme


Margate, Kent


Thanet District Council

Description of Project

Business Case to support an application for Capital Grant Aid funding for a Flood & Coast Protection Scheme.


Margate Town is located below the predicted future sea level and the defences are in a poor state of repair. Consequently, a technical report was produced to investigate the impact of the failure of these defences and a PAR prepared to establish the most suitable option available. A detailed flood model, overtopping analysis and economic assessment was undertaken to establish the risks and the report concluded that the defences around Margate should be improved.

Numerical Modelling

Detailed 2D hydrodynamic flood model constructed, Wave overtopping calculations, Nearshore S/S wave climate analysis, Economic Analysis, GIS benefit calculator used.


£6.2M Capital Grant Awarded – Construction commenced 2011.