Flood Evacuation Plan (FEP) - Defining a safe means of escape from Flooding

Project name

Marina Caravan Site


Windsor, Berkshire


Land owner/Park Management

Description of development

An application for the extension of the permitted holiday season at the Marina Caravan Site.


Located in Flood Zone 2, as shown on the Environment Agency flood maps, the Flood Risk Assessment identified that the site was located outside the 100 year floodplain. Nevertheless, the Local Planning Authority required a Flood Evacuation Plan to be submitted to demonstrate that occupants of the site could be evacuated safely during an extreme flood event.


A Flood Evacuation Plan was prepared, this outlined safe access/egress routes and an evacuation plan for residents located within different parts of the site. The FEP considered Environment Agency flood warning procedure and what to do in the event of warnings being issued, and highlighted the necessity for staff training and the implementation of the plan by the site managers.


Planning application permitted as a result of both the FRA and FEP being submitted.