Flood Compensation Scheme – Development within a Flooded Area

Project name

Main Road Orpington


Orpington, Kent


Medium Sized Development Company

Description of development

The development proposals included the demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of 26 residential units.


The site is located in Flood Zone 3, as shown on the Environment Agency flood maps. The Flood Risk Assessment identified that the development would result in a net increase in displacement as a result of the new buildings. Consequently, a flood compensation scheme was required to be devised.


A flood compensation scheme was designed for the site which comprised re-grading the higher parts of the site to provided storage of excess flood water during an extreme flood event. This scheme was undertaken in accordance with the Environment Agency’s policy for providing 'level by level' compensatory flood storage.


Scheme demonstrated that flood water could be stored on site at minimal disruption to the scheme design and was approved by the Environment Agency.