Wave Loading Calculations

Project name

Rocksalt Restaurant


Folkestone, Kent


Campbell Reith

Description of Project

Acting as sub-consultant to Campbell Reith, Herrington Consulting were commissioned to undertake the wave loading calculations to determine the size, shape and structure of the seawall for a new exclusive fish restaurant in Folkestone.


The new restaurant was located within Folkestone Harbour and the design consisted of a large balcony situated over the water, enabling uninterrupted sea views across the harbour. The seawall that was situated below the balcony was required to withstand the impact of waves within the harbour and consequently needed to be designed to ensure that the incoming waves would not have a detrimental effect on the overhanging balcony and glass fronted restaurant above.


The calculations undertaken, along with the accompanying report enabled the lead consultant to confidently build a stylish, yet functional seawall that was in keeping with the contemporary design of the restaurant. The design received exceptional praise and was even featured in the New Civil Engineering (NCE) publication.