Daylight/Shadow Modelling

SunCast Model

SunCast is part of a suite of models that can be used at any stage of the design process to perform shading and solar insolation studies. The software can be used to generate images and animations from a three dimensional model to assist in the daylight/shadow assessment process.

SunCast can be used to investigate:

SunCast can also generate shadows and internal solar insolation from any sun position defined by date, time, orientation, site latitude and longitude. This shadow information can be stored for subsequent analysis by:

SunCast can be used in a variety of studies, including passive solar design and is essential at the planning stage to visualise the effect of the subject building on the surrounding buildings. SunCast has also been used to study problems such as grass growth in sports stadia and ‘Right of Light’ issues. In addition, because it is possible to remove surfaces to investigate solar penetration, SunCast can also be used to investigate internal design issues from office layouts to positioning of art in museums.

Radiance Modelling

Radiance is a software package developed by the Lighting Systems Research group and it was developed as a research tool for predicting the distribution of visible radiation in illuminated spaces. A three-dimensional geometric model of the physical environment is used, and a default material or map file detailing the spectral radiance values into a “photo-realistic” colour image. It can be used to calculate lighting levels, Daylight Factors or Glare for daylight and/or artificial lighting. Radiance is internationally recognised as one of the leading lighting simulation tools available.