External Light Impact & Light Pollution

Herrington Consulting are specialist External Lighting consultants. We work on projects ranging from individual private builds and extensions to high rise developments and Motorway Service Areas, working with home owners, architects, developers, retailers and planners. When you need help delivering your project on time with the optimal commercial outcomes, whilst also meeting the required external lighting limits, our team of experts is always happy to talk you through and advice on the technical requirements needed for planning.

External Light Impact Assessment (ELIA)

Why the need to assess?

An external light impact assessment is typically required for planning applications to ensure that the NPPF policy on light pollution from artificial lighting to local landscapes is met. Local Planning Authorities mainly follow the guidelines for external lighting installations set by the Institutions of Lighting Professionals (ILP) Guidance Note 1 ‘The Reduction of Obtrusive Light’ and ILP Guidance Note 08/23 – Bats and Artificial Lighting in the UK.

Planning considers:

  • The maximum lux for LED lights
  • The colour rendering indices of light sources below specified maximum values
  • The main beam angle of all lights within specified tolerances
  • Environmental Zones in the area surrounding the development (will determine their sensitivity to external light sources)

How we work

We promote a commercially balanced, phased approach to external light assessment with initial scoping assessments which may be used to address planning conditions in low sensitivity locations or to support a planning application, followed by more design / receptor specific assessment and lighting constraint modelling where an issue has been identified requiring a higher level of consideration.

We use numerical modelling techniques to analyse a range of lighting impacts or light pollution. This is a very general term which refers to the effect of over-lighting resulting from poorly designed lighting schemes and excessive levels of light. When external lighting installation requires impact assessment, be it in terms of glare or even potential impact on wildlife, our team of experts can help ensure your design is right.

We can help you with:

  • Light Trespass and Light Spill
  • Luminaire Intensity
  • Landscape Impacts
  • Assessment of potential impacts on foraging and commuting bats, carried out in line with the ILP Guidance Note 08/18 – Bats and artificial lighting in the UK

What our Clients say

“I have to say it is had been a very smooth process from start to finish.
 I definitely plan to use yourselves again on future projects.”

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