Engineering solutions

Our strong engineering background allows us to provide specific advice and design services across a range of specialist areas

Types of engineering solutions

In addition to the services focused on the planning stage of development, we also offer complementary design services that allow strategic plans to be taken to the detailed design stage.

01Surface Water Drainage

Typically at the planning stage the site constraints are identified and a Surface Water Strategy is developed to demonstrate that the surface water can be drained from the site sustainably and without increasing the risk of flooding. Our team of experienced drainage engineers is able to develop this strategy into a detailed drainage design in readiness for construction. We can provide detailed drainage layout plans, cross sections and drainage schedules. Using the latest design and hydraulic software packages, we can accurately account for existing and proposed ground levels within our network design to ensure hydraulic connectivity.

02Foul Drainage

We offer full detailed design service packages and provide detailed foul drainage layout plans for your foul network. We will establish how your proposed development can be adequately drained and can help to identify suitable connection points.


Section 104 & 106

Under the Water Industry Act, we provide the necessary supporting information to negotiate and obtain the appropriate technical approvals to ensure the drainage systems can be adopted. Where necessary, we can seek consent to create a new connection into the public sewer system.


Pumping Stations and Packaged Treatment Solutions

For developments that are unable to drain via gravity, we design and provide the necessary information for private and adoptable pumping stations. Working with suppliers and pump manufacturers we devise an efficient design, and look at packaged treatment and pumping solutions which will fit into your development.


03Coastal Management

Supported by our in-house numerical modelling team we are able to undertake a wide range of analytical studies focused on coastal processes and shoreline management. These include wave modelling, sediment transport, tidal modelling, wave overtopping analysis, as well as an extensive experience in designing flood and erosion protection structures.

04Highways Design

There are often opportunities to undertake the design of the highway at the same time as the detailed drainage. We have the ability to provide this service through our in-house engineering team.


Highway Alignment and Vehicle Tracking

Working with the developer, we design highway and footways in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, to adoptable standards. We use vehicle tracking software to model turning movements and to ensure appropriate access and radia can be achieved.


Car parks, courtyard and driveway designs

Working with the developer, we can provide design layouts for parking areas, taking into consideration vehicle spacing, kerbing, drainage and loading requirements.


Earthworks & cut/fill

We use the latest software packages to design highways, taking into consideration the existing and proposed land levels. Where necessary, we can also provide cut and fill calculations to ensure efficiency in design.